Art & Crafts

  1. To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, build, design, develop, display, sharp, shape, carve, cut, grind, fabricate, finish, handle, prepare, polish, renovate, remodel, repair, turn to account and to act as agents, broker, distributor, demonstrator, artists, importer, exporter, buyer, seller, stockists, consultants, collaborator or otherwise to deal in all types, varieties, fashions, shapes & sizes of Handicrafts, made of metal, wood, cement, stone, paper, cloth, lace, leather, and other materials or with any combination thereof such as handicrafts of paper and paper machine lined with copper or brass; Bells and other handicrafts made of wrought iron and coated with copper; Handicrafts of aluminum, copper, brass, bidri, bronze,  bell metal, German silver, silver or any alloy thereof; real and imitation, zari, zariwoven embroidered products and zari embroidered pieces and beads embroidered products; Handicrafts of marble or alabaster inlaid with semi precious stones; leather good and articles such as Hand bags, pouches, bangle boxes, belts, travel goods, carpets, rugs and druggest made of wool, silk etc. wood articles; goods and articles of stones, plaster of paris, agglomerated stones or of any other material such as statues, monuments, photo frames, models of historical places, model temples etc., hand made paintings, drawings and pastels, original engravings, prints and lithographs, collections of zoological, botanical, mineralogical and anatomical, historical, archaeological, paleontological, ethnographically or numismatic interest, antiques of an age not less than one hundred years and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.