Dr. S.S. Nandal

CEO @ M.G. Creations. M.G. Creations is a manufacturer and exporter of home furnishing products worldwide.

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  • Dr. S.S. Nandal
  • 09-11-2022
  • Panipat
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We manufacture and export rugs, carpets, bathmats, cushion covers, kitchen towels, ottomans, and other textile products. M.G. Creations is a Goodeave-certified company and adhere to all Goodweave production standards.
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  • Adress: https://www.flipkart.com/vrt-microfiber-340-gsm-hair-towel/p/itmedb426bb373f0?pid=BTWG6P9C9RQYHYAU&lid=LSTBTWG6P9C9RQYHYAUG0PKYX&marketplace=FLIPKART&q=hair+towel&store=jra%2Fjk3%2Fwtg&srno=s_3_95&otracker=search&otracker1=search&fm=Search&iid=c625a361-d6b8-4ec5-9830-113e2f92a6f6.BTWG6P9C9RQYHYAU.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&qH=5540ffaddec6ed10

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  • Website: https://mgcrugs.com/
  • Skype: https://www.flipkart.com/vrt-microfiber-340-gsm-hair-towel/p/itmedb426bb373f0?pid=BTWG6P9C9RQYHYAU&lid=LSTBTWG6P9C9RQYHYAUG0PKYX&marketplace=FLIPKART&q=hair+towel&store=jra%2Fjk3%2Fwtg&srno=s_3_95&otr
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