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A keen learner, always ready to explore new opportunities in the filed of corporate laws
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  • Compliance Analyst 15-07-2022 - Present
    Compliance Calendar LLP

    Core Corporate Law compliances

  • Company Secretary 15-07-2022 - 15-07-2022



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With the intent to promote startups in India, central government comes with various initiatives. Small businesses play a major role in economy of the country therefore central government always looks for the opportunity to promote small businesses. There are initiatives such as MSME registration, Startup India registration that are introduced to promote small businesses. In this line very recently......

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Ignorance of Law is no excuse, this phrase has been again proved by ROC Ahmadabad in the matter of M/s Premier Solutions Private Limited, on Thursday, 8th September, 2022 when it ordered a penalty of Rs.6,00,000 on the company and its directors for non-disclosure of DIN in its financial statements filed with ROC for 8 consecutive years from year 2013-14 to 2020-21.These penalties are imposed under......

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INTRODUCTION Recently the world has gone through a serious situation of covid pandemic which has not only adversely affected the physical health of the people but also the working of Business entities. Due to social distancing guidelines issued by Government, it is not possible to hold Board meetings of the company however there can be necessity to carry out certain items urgently. In those situa......

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