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  • CS (Intern) 12-09-2012 - Present
    Maruti Suzuki India Limited

    Complete Company Secretarial profile

  • Company Secretary 31-03-2009 - 25-08-2012

    Company Secretary

  • International Marrathon 2016
    Rotary Club

    5 KM

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As you know that the AGM season in India has been kicked off. The company incorporated in India also required to do certain compliance called 'annual compliances' to remain an active company in the registry maintained by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. However, the deadline for annual compliances is based upon the date on which it has been convened its general meeting called AGM and also need ......

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I hope the heading of the article is quite clear. Yes, in the recent amendment notified from 31st July 2018 under section 134 of the Companies Act 2013, the CEO of the Company has been held also mandatory to sign the financial statements including the consolidated statement of the Company. In the earlier, he has to sign such statements if he also the Director of the Company along with o......

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1. Section 73 Prohibition on acceptance of deposits from Public There are three amendments have been made under the section. Section 73 (2) (c) has been completely substituted “(c) depositing, on or before the thirtieth day of April each year, such sum which shall not be less than twenty percent. of the amount of its deposits maturing during the following financial year and......

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Dear Professional Colleagues,In my opinion, the number of amendments that have come in the recent time under the Companies Act, 2013 every now and then with high frequency has never happened in the earlier Company Law.  In this write-up, it has been focused to introduce with Professional friends the official gazette notifications alone issued in the month of July 2018 so as to enable th......

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Dear Professional Colleagues,As the AGM season has been kicked off in India, Companies now has also been geared up for annual compliances since the date of AGM also set timelines for most crucial compliances for companies incorporated in India. A company can conduct it's AGM with the following options:   Option 1: By sending 21 days clear days or shorter consent notice. Option 2: By......

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Dear Professional Colleagues,I hope you're aware that most of the Companies which exist in India have been either closely held or shareholding lies in the hands of Promoters consequently, with this less scattered form of shareholding, the number of Independent members also reduced to very few. Therefore; in this kind of shareholding structure; the members which exist either belongs to th......

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Dear Professional Colleagues, As you know the financial year 2017-18 has ended and every company has now been geared up for annual compliances for the said year. As a matter of normal practices, every company is required to do some sort of annual compliances to remain as an active company and doing such compliance is based upon the Company's date of AGM. At present there are four types of compa......

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Dear Professional Colleagues,As like earlier, every company shall prepare and file an annual return with the ROC in e-form MGT-7 within 60 days of the AGM; where it is held; or within 60 days from the date when it should have been held (i.e, with an extended date). Such return shall be signed by a Director and Company Secretary, or Practising CS if Company has no whole-time CS. However, in case ......

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Dear Professional Colleagues,I hope you're aware that there are 108 sections of the Companies Act 2013 which have been under changes. The most of them are notified so far and 13 more sections are yet to be notified. The MCA may soon issue one or more notification to give way to these sections. As you also know that the AGM season has been kicked-off in India. As a matter of agenda, the item relat......

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