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We provide legal advisory, transnational and litigation support on all aspects of Indian civil, corporate and commercial law. We are updated and in sync with the commercial and market realities.

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ANB Legal has an excellent network and dedicated team of professionals along expertise, resources and the commitment necessary to meet all client requirements. We endeavor to exceed client expectations and nurture long term relationships.
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L Capital Jones Ltd. (“L Capital”) (Majority Shareholder)   Versus   Maniach Pte. Ltd. (“Maniach”) (Minority Shareholder)   (Jurisdiction: Singapore)   Acts/Rules referred: (Singapore) International Arbitration Act - Section 6 (2002 Ed) (Singapore) Companies Act (Cap 50, 2006 Rev Ed) Decided in: 2017   Background: This was a......

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ONGC Petro Additions Ltd. vs. Ferns Construction Co. Inc. Decision date: 21.07.2020. The question before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court was if the proceedings before the Arbitral Tribunal are in nature of an International Commercial Arbitration then whether the time limit as fixed by coordinate bench of Delhi High Court vide Order dated 25th September, 2019 shall be applicable or not; si......

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Dharamvir Khosla vs. Asian Hotels – Delhi HCDecision date: 21.07.2020 Plaintiff filed a suit along with an interim application for decree of declaration seeking license in favour of the Plaintiff in respect of space/shops/premises at Hyatt Hotel Regency as  irrevocable, perpetual and the purported revocation of the license by the Defendant as illegal and void. Further, the Plaintiff r......

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Filatona Trading Ltd. and Anr. Versus Navigators Equities Ltd. & Ors. (Jurisdiction: London) Acts/Rules referred: UK Arbitration Act 1996 Heard in: December, 2019 Judgment Delivered in: 2020 Background: The dispute arose under a shareholder agreement (SHA) concerning land in central Moscow.  Ms. Danilina and Mr. Deripaska were named as parties to the SHA. Ms. Danilina’s fo......

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Fulham Football Club (“Fulham”)   Versus   1.   Sir David Richards 2.   Football Association Premier League (“FAPL”)   (Jurisdiction: United Kingdom)   Acts/Rules referred: 1.   (UK) Arbitration Act, 1996 2.   (UK) Companies Act, 2006   Also referred to: 1.   FAPL’s Articles of As......

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COMPARISON WITH INDIAN LAW A trademark is a word, symbol or a logo which is associated with a particular entity. It is a mark which distinguishes products or services of a company from its competitors in the market. Such trademark, when associated with a particular company, attains recognition over a period of time and becomes identifiable by people as brand. Attainment of such goodwill is the r......

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NOMINATION IN CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES DOES NOT OVERRIDE THE LAW OF SUCCESSION   I. INTRODUCTION Transfer of flat/ shares of the deceased member in a co-operative housing society under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 [MCS Act] has been in debate for past several years. Hopefully, the controversy is now put to rest by the recent amendment to MCS Act [which came into effect fr......

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Succession planning is a process through which individuals, families and family owned businesses seek to identify the future leaders of their estate, family and organization. It helps them answer a very significant question – What will happen to my estate and business once I am gone? Succession planning gives them the opportunity to answer this and plan and control what will happen in future......

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  Why look out for this term?   In view of the recent and ongoing massive pandemic outbreak of COVID -19, several contracting parties may find it extremely difficult to perform their respective obligations under the existing contracts in such unforeseen circumstance. Hence, clarity is sought on “force majeure” clauses forming part of such contracts and the recourse availab......

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