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I am a duly qualified Chartered Accountant and I am passionate about International businesses and entrepreneurship. I hold a specialization in Investment and Financial Analysis. Taxation, Accounting and Financial Management are my forte. I strongly believe in chasing my passion and hence indulge in various allied activities includin...
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    Specialization in Investment and Financial Analysis

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Introduction An appeal is generally filed with ITAT in either Form 36 / 36A. However the forms by themselves are not self-sufficient to file an appeal. The appeal to be filed with ITAT should also be accompanied by GoA and SoF. GoA – Introduction & Significance of GoA in an appeal to ITAT GoA is an abbreviation of the term Grounds of Appeal. In other words, this is the reasoning or th......

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Introduction   ITAT i.e. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal is a quasi-judicial authority. It looks into litigation cases for the Direct Taxation Regime (i.e. only Income Tax cases currently as wealth tax was abolished w.e.f FY 2015-16) and is the final authority for judgments pertaining to facts. In other words ITAT is the final fact-finding authority and no order passed by ITAT can be appealed......

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Introduction The Fiscal Policy is the government’s means to influence and regulate the economy by means of revenue and expenditure. The two main tools of fiscal policy are – Taxation (for raising revenue and is the major source of Income for government). Expenditure (on public welfare for achieving desirable social and economic goals) Types of Taxes Si......

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