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Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modiji may have shocked the nation with his Nov. 8 announcement, the prime minister’s move was a master stroke killing many birds in 1 stone (black money, terrorism, hoarding, inflation, banking finance) but the move was hardly unprecedented. India has pulled select denominations of its currency twice before. The first was when Rs 1,000, Rs 5,000,......

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The Punjab and Haryana High Court in Amit Kumar v/s Navjot Dubey1 held that Husband Can’t deny maintenance to wife, kids merely because wife earns more. Facts of the case   The petitioner had appealed against the order passed by the District Judge, Pathankot whereby the respondent – wife had been allowed maintenance pendente lite under Section 242 of the Hindu Marriage Act,1955......

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Pokémon Go by now needs little introduction. The Internet some time ago has been rife with guides about its gameplay and tales of mishaps and freak incidents. Pokémon Go is not the first or the only application of augmented reality (AR), but it is the first AR application that has made it into the mainstream. The app has been downloaded more than a 100 million times, had over 20 mill......

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Introduction The contemporary era is the leading the way of inclusive development under the knowledge driven economy. Creativity and innovation have been constant in growth and development of any knowledge economy. There is an abundance of creative and innovative energies flowing in India.1 It is an acknowledged fact that a strong and balanced legal framework encourages continuous flow of innovat......

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