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OVERVIEW As we all know, we are facing unprecedented situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and we have to go to the unavoidable nation-wide lockdown for more than one month due to the pandemic and many parts of our country which are in containment zone are still facing the restrictive movement. So to provide relaxation to India Inc. government allowed the AGM of the company through video conf......

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Introduction The state of Uttar Pradesh came up with the five-year start-up policy, called as start-up policy 2020. The policy aims to establish a world-class start-up ecosystem based on state of art infrastructure and by providing conducive and stable policy environment. The start-up policy also seeks to develop entrepreneurship at grass route level by inculcating training at school and college......

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Introduction Employee stock option scheme or Employee Stock Option Plan is almost 7 decades old scheme through which the company grants option to its employees to become the owner of the company. The first ESOS was introduced in the United States of America by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.  In the last 7 decades, ESOS has become more and more popular among corporates around the globe and f......

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This is the First Part of my write-up on Insolvency resolution process for personal guarantor. In this part I will attempt to explicate the provisions related to the definition of the personal guarantor, adjudicating authority for making application and process of making application and rule related to these issues including the rule for the withdrawal of the application under the Insolvency Resol......

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In this write-up, I am going to do a comparative analysis of Section 188 and Accounting Standard 18 to understand Related Party Transaction holistically and know convergence and the divergence between Section 188 and Accounting Standard 18. On the onset of the write-up, I will like to clarify that the scope of Section 188 and Accounting Standard 18 is different from each other. Section 188 deals ......

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Amidst of all the big-ticket corruption pertaining to window dressing of the Accounts and failure of the statutory auditors in pointing out the same and in many other cases hand in glove situation between corporate and auditor in concealing the failure of corporate governance pressed the Government to come up with the authority to regulate the statutory auditor. With the enactment of Companies A......

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Securities and Exchange Board of India vide circular dated November 26, 2018, introduced the new borrowing framework for the large entities in order to bring into the effect announcement made under the Union Budget for 2018-19.  The Union Budget for 2018-19 which inter alia include the following announcement “SEBI will also consider mandating, beginning with the large entities, to meet......

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