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Founder of Jaya Sharma & Associates. In practice for the past ten years

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There is a solution for every problem. If there is no solution, then its not a problem, its something else- is the core belief,
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Introduction The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as IBC) is an initiative of the Indian Government to explore an unchartered territory with features such as being proactive, incentive compliant, market led and time bound legislation. Since the inception the code has borne an empiric nature and has been a road under construction with over five legislative intervention......

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||Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devta, Yatrai taastu na pujyante sarvaastatra falah kriyaah|| (Where women are honoured, divinity blossoms there; and where they are dishonoured, all actions remain unfruitful) INTRODUCTION AND CONCEPT OF WOMEN EMPOWERMENT                       &n......

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“Innovators growth platform” (IGP) means the trading platform for listing and trading of specified securities of issuers that comply with the eligibility criteria specified in regulation 283 of ICDR of 2018. Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) had, in its circular dated December 12, 2018 reviewed the erstwhile framework for Institutional Trading Platform (&ldquo......

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BACKGROUND:   In this write up, we have tried capturing the very essence of the concept of "Dormant Company" and how a Company can practically implement the same in the current pandemic which would be befitting to the Company from the perspective of the compliance cost and at the same time retain and preserve the company for the very reason it had been formed. The COVID-19 pandemic has adve......

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One should also perform the work to set an example for the good of the world. Whatever actions great persons perform, common people follow. Whatever standards they set, all the world pursues.   Every individual plays a leadership role. One of the most significant hitches today is that leaders do not practice this value. Leaders think they are above Board and in several cases, these ideas ......

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Introduction:   In any emerging economy like India, small and medium sectors play a significant role in boosting the growth and progress of a nation. These sectors are capable of generating wealth, enhancing jobs and creation of employment opportunities for skilled, unskilled, professionals, fresher etc. who are deprived due to fewer chances. SMEs have an active role in constructing a healt......

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INTRODUCTION: Access to online learning opportunities through remote classes, webinars and online academies can accord equal learning opportunities to students in metro cities as well as rural areas where skilled educators in one’s desired field of study might not be available.   With a boom in cheaper data and lot of electronic devices, this mode of learning proves especiall......

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Background Before the introduction of electoral bonds all the donations to the political party were made through cash. Electoral bonds were introduced to ensure that all the donations made to a party would be accounted for in the balance sheets without exposing the donor details to the public. Electoral bonds was introduced a new funding channel to finance political parties in India in 2017 with ......

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