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I am a Member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India having vast experience in handling foreign clients. Experienced in handling compliances under the Companies Act, FEMA, etc.

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I am a Member of ICSI working with a Management Consultancy Company.
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  • Company Secretary 01-06-2019 - 03-02-2021

    As a Consultant my regular day at work includes advising clients on compliance requirement and feasibility of any proposed business idea. I also handle day to day compliance under Companies Act, 2013, FEMA Act, 1999 and other laws.

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Dear Readers,Funding is the lifeblood of any organization and FDI is one of the major sources of funding for most startups.  FDI in India is allowed under two routes a) Automatic Route b) Government Approval Route.  The first and the foremost step before signing any share subscription agreement with the proposed investor is to check the FDI Policy for the business activity which your C......

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Dear Readers,The objects clause of the Memorandum of Association of a Company describes the permissible business activities that a company can undertake to achieve its goals. The Company can therefore only undertake activities that are mentioned in its object clause and any activity which is not mentioned in the objects clause shall be considered as void-ab-initio (void from the very beginnin......

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Dear Readers,Changes in the composition of Boards are strategic in nature and generally involve a lot of planning. However, sometimes it may be necessary to appoint a Director in the Company on an urgent basis due to statutory requirements or for any other reason. In such cases, it is generally suggested to appoint an Additional Director on the Board of the Company which can be done by following a......

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Every Company is required to update their NIC Code as declared in the Entity Master Form ("EMF") upon a change in the main objects of the Memorandum of Association ("MOA") of the Company.   The procedure to update the NIC Code on the EMF Portal is easy and involves two simple steps:    1) Choose the most relevant NIC Code based on the updated objects of the Company; 2) Initiate......

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While receiving additional funds from investors or existing shareholders, a Company may have to increase its Authorized Share Capital to ensure that the new capital being brought in the company is within the authorized limit mentioned in the Memorandum of  Association of the Company.   Remember the basic rule: The Paid Up Capital of a Company can never exceed its Authorized Share Capit......

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