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CA Semi Qualified Having the 2 year experience in IDT and started own Youtube channel in which excel related video are uploaded.

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“Well, I’m currently working at ASA & Associate and I specialize in doing IDT.
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  • Senior IDT 08-07-2020 - 08-07-2020
    ASA & Associate


  • CA Finalist 08-07-2020 - 08-07-2020

    CA Finalist


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  • 02 Jan 2021
  • inderjeet saini
  • GST,  Rules,  

Review of Statement of Profit and Loss in perspective of GST – Part 0.0 Revenue Verification of credit items in the statement of profit and loss it should be necessarily map the revenue as per books with the GST Return. Turnover or outward supply report in profit and loss account should be tally with the turnover report in GST-3B and GSTR-1. However, invariably there will be difference as ......

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Assessment for Unregistered Person This section is applicable to unregistered persons i.e. person who are liable to obtain registration under section 22 and have failed to obtain registration, will come with scope of operation of the section and also cover section 29(2). Note: Section 29(2) of GST Act 2017 cover 5 instance where registration may be cancelled by proper officer A person con......

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Assessment for Non-Filers of returns The provision can be invoked only in case of registered persons who have failed to files the return, as required under section 39(Monthly or Quarter) or section 45(Final return on cancellation of registration) of this Act. Issuance of section 46 appears to be pre-condition for initial proceeding under section 62 of this act. However, section 62 cannot be invo......

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Scrutiny Assessment Proper office to scrutinize the return filed by registered person with a view to verifying the correctness of the return. It is considered to be Pre-adjudication process. Proper officer under whose jurisdiction taxpayer is registered and filing return is authorized to scrutinize return. Discrepancy is an inconsistency or inaccuracy which is very important requirement to invok......

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Provisional Assessment Provisional Assessment can be restored in the following situations: - When a taxable person is unable to determine the value of good or service – viz, there is a difficulty in ascertaining: - ---Transaction value to be adopted for determination of tax payable e.g where supplier enters into Cost plus with the buyer or where consideration not in wholly in mone......

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Like under Income tax Act 1961 having “Assessment” same way under “GST” having also “Assessment”. GST Act, 2017 has come up with 6 type of Assessment and these 6 types of assessment having different applicability and their own procedures.  Let discuss these assessments with rule made under GST Act. Assessment means determination of liability under this act......

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Legal Service Legal service comes under reverse charge mechanism under sec 9(3), CGST Act 2017. Legal services are provided by individual advocate including senior advocate or firm of advocate either directly or indirectly. Before further analysis of legal service , let under meaning of “Legal Service”, “Senior Advocate ”,”Advocate”, “Business Entity&rd......

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What are the  tax rates are applicable to Good Transport Agency? A tax law defines the tax rate applicable to transaction which comes under the provision of that Act like Income tax there are general tax rate which shall applicable person(s) and special tax rate which is apply for a particular transaction or transaction with specific person. GST regime, have tax rate-based type of schemes or......

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If you have missed the Part-I, Click on the below linkReverse Charge Mechanism Under Sec 9(3) CGST Act 2017 Part-I By Inderjeet SainiSec 9(3)  CGST Act 2017  enlist   Good/Service  by number of  "Notification"  issued by central government such  "Notification" either insert new service/good  or  modification t provision. Central government shall is......

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Registration: 1. Where a person is wholly engage only supply of good/service  or both under sec 9(3)  is exempted to registration as per notification No. 5/2017 dated 19.06.2017  2. Where as "Recipient"  is required to compulsory registration under sec 24 of CGST Act 2017. Payment by Recipient 1.Liabilities of Reverse charge Mechanism shall be discharge by only cash pay......

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