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Starting your business can be fruitful only if you consider a few factors such type of organization to be set up, how & where to set-up, registrations and necessary approval required, objects to be perused.

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Business Development

Business growth is very essential to remain in the market and its success is measured with the increase of sense of confidence of the stakeholders in it and its future prospect.

Exit Your Business

Get Relieved

To exit your business, you may have to consider a few factors like, whether it should be closed or sold away. We can help you in understanding the same with the viable available options.

  • Annual Filling of Companies
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Post Incorporation Compliances
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Regular Compliances of Company
  • Company law
  • Income Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • GST
  • RBI
  • SEBI
  • DGFT

FAQs On SPICe Forms

How many names can be applied for in SPICe (INC-32)?Only one. However, for reservation of a name prior to filing SPICe (INC-32), you may use INC-1 (in which up to 6 names can be proposed) and then inp...


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  • Is there any accountant job for freshers in kolkata?

  • ABC Ltd Appointed Anil as director on 1st November, 2016. Subsquently, Anil obtained his DIN on 10th November, 2016. ABC Ltd Filled DIR-12 on 15th November, 2016. Examine the legal validity of appointment of Anil.

  • The company incorporated in the year 2015.not filed any annual return and IT return,not appointed any CA.not doing any business since Incorporation. If company wants to Strick off can company do so?

  • What is the difference between Class-2 and Class-3 DSC? For what purpose Class-3 DSC is used.

  • Whether the company has to compulsory send the notice of the Board meeting to the director who has waived his right to receive the notice?

  • How can we record the names of the directors who have attended the board meeting through video- conferencing or how the directors participating in a meeting by video conferencing sign the attendance register?

  • In case a Public company is having a paid-up share capital of ten crore rupees or more, whether such a company requires prior approval of members by special resolution to enter any contract with any related party.

  • Please explain the basic concept of diminution of share capital and why it is not considered as reduction of share capital.

  • Director A is appointed on 1st April, Director B is appointed on 18th April, and Director C ceases to be associated with the company w.e.f. 18th April. In such a case can we file one e form DIR 12 for all the three events or we are required to file different forms with the ROC. Please clarify.

  • How a manager is different from managing director in a company? What is the difference between their powers and role?

  • Which is the best Institute To learn Stenography in Delhi ncr?

  • Kindly share the procedure/Checklist to change the registered office of NBFC.

  • What is the procedure to get the duplicate NBFC registration certificate from RBI in case original certificate is lost ???

  • How to search PIN Code for address?

  • The director disqualified under section 164(2) (a) for non filing annual return and balance sheet The directors disqualified from all other companies. Mean 20 companies too coz of nclt paddy has disqualified

  • Is Pan card of transferor is mandatory for processing of share transfer work.

  • The term aggregator is used here so. E commerce operator is liable to pay tax But only few ECO are covered why so?

  • How to remove disqualification of director who got disqualified due to non filing for consecutive 3 years. The company also got strike off by the ROC. So how can we remove his disqualification apart from revival of company?

  • What can be the remedial procedures for the ones who have got disqualified except going for section 167 of the Companies Act, 2013?

  • What is TDS mechanism in GST system....... Request to give details information on TDS in GST system.

  • Re: Treatment of Export in GST A Company is supplying IT Service to its branch located outside India. Should it charge GST on such Service?? Can it claim ITC or Refund on GST paid on Inputs?? What will be the Consequences if it doesn't charge GST on such service supplied outside India (to its Branch)???


  • Please Explain in Brief.

  • sir/ mam pls clarify my client igst input is 202456 cgst input is 72294 sgst inpur is 72294 out put tax is sgst 138120 cgst output tax 138120 rcm igst 1639. how to adjust the offset liability without paying rcm tax ? pls clarify

  • We request you to clarify the following. 1. When cotton ginners/merchants purchase kapas from Market Yard, they get number of bills from commission agents for their purchase. We are given to understand that the bills raised by the commission merchants are not GST invoices. Every day number of such purchase bills may range between 0-50. The question is that are they supposed to raise one self invoice (a) for the entire such purchases from Market Yard in a month/in a day(b) for every bill of every commission agent on a day? 2. HSN/SAC codes is unfamiliar to the dealers as well as State Tax officials. Please make a list of HSN codes available at the Central Tax offices. A mail id of the help desk be widely publicised and the information sought from help desks may be made available to those who seek the same. 3. The values in GSTR1 offline version in hsn summary sheet for the goods exempted, has brought in some confusion. Whether all the values of all taxable/exempted supplies are to reported here? If , yes, what are to be filled in for Total Value and Taxable Value columns for exempted supplies?

  • Please Explain....

  • What are the career options after doing a master’s in mathematics from Delhi University?

  • What are all the basic interview questions for any IT related jobs and their answers?

  • What will be the steps/procedures to revive the company which has been struck off by the ROC?

  • Please explain if company has filed DIR-12 within 30 Days of resignation of foreign Director but Director is not able to file DIR-11 within the period because of his non presence in india, What can director do to comply with the provisions of the act?

  • I request you to kindly read the below and clarify the same. One of our group companies which got delisted last year and in dissemination board now. Meanwhile we have decided to convert this public company to private company. This company has more than 200 members and for conversion we need NCLT approval. My doubt here is how can a public company having more than 200 members can reduce for converting it to private? Is the cap of 200 members is to be followed for formation of private company or for conversion also? If reducing numbers to 200 is mandatory what mode can we adopt to reduce it to 200? It would be of great help if you clarify this. With Regards, Iswarya

  • Dear sir, Kindly clarify the following query. Renting of property to open a food court/customer care for telephone operators(vodafone/airtel) in SEZ is amount to supply of services to SEZ?

  • What is the effect of GST on imported industrial item. like flow meter and flow switches, suppose these items are being imported from USA. provide the calculation if possible.

  • Explain the steps to be followed in valuation procedure by discounted cash flow method. How can we say that it is easiest to use for assets and firms whose cash flows are currently positive?

  • When a Company purchases Capital Assets, then it charges Depreciation on such assets (allowed under Companies act as well as Income Tax act) but when Company transfers this Assets to its Director/Employee at less than book value or at Nil value, Please elaborate tax implications under Income Tax Act??

  • Please explain the basic concept of Leveraged Buyout and how it is used as a method of funding in mergers and takeovers.

  • Can a company hold AGM at a place other than its registered office?

  • One of the NBFC Company has received notice from ROC regarding alignment of the activity code with the CIN of the company. Kindly tell me the procedure in this regard?

  • I am filing form AOC-4 and it is asking for ADT-1 SRN. But SRN of ADT-1 is not required while filing the form for 1st AGM. What should be filled in place of ADT-1 SRN details?

  • If the director has two DIN, out of which one DIN has never be utilised and the other DIN which has been utilised in a company has filed form FTE for its closure last year. So, what would be the procedure for the same? Kindly tell me form RD-1 is required to be file or not?

  • I am facing error while registering DSC on GST portal. Error is "Fail to connect to the server. Please restart your EM signer and try again." Please suggest solution.

  • How much times to take restored name of one company.

  • What will be the stamp duty of LLP deed if LLP contribution amount is 1 lac Rs. for Maharashtra Deed

  • If directors receiving remuneration are exceeding the limits given in said rules then do we have to mention it in Boards Report or not?

  • Is it a good idea to go for Mergers/Acquisitions as part of growth strategy in today's time ?

  • Please tell me the procedure of resolution passed by circulation and the businesses for which it is required.

  • Who are required to get labour licence? what are the those conditions which make it mandatory? what are the process of obtaining it?

  • Dear Sir Please give information about the sales in GST to SEZ and Export to others countries. We are Exporters of goods to SEZ and other countries. What is the process of LUT Bond? Whats is the Process of Bank Gurantee in this case. Regards Shrinivas Dalave Accounts Excutive Garlock India.Pune

  • Hi, Myself Amisha here from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Pl. let me know the method of stamp duty to be paid on share certificates in the state of Harayana. Whether online stamping is available or revenue tickets can be affixed . Thanks. Regards, Amisha Gandhi company secretary +91-94088-69429

  • Please explain what are the compliances to be fulfilled by private company, public company and OPC within 30 days after Incorporation as per Companies Act, 2013 ?

  • Is it necessary to inform ROC regarding the appointment of First auditor of a company after incorporation?

  • Dear Sir, How to calculate advance tax for companies if estimated profit is Rs.9,00,00,00. 1st installment paid on 15 the June 2017 up to 15%? how to calculate next 3 installment pending?

  • If 'K' hold shares in 'A' then then who will be associate company and who will file AOC-4CFS.??

  • What opportunities company Secretary has in investment banking and in capital market ? If it's what is the role in employment ? Any certification course to do with CS ?

  • Has anyone dealt in Bihar Factory License? If yes, Kindly let me know.

  • Please provide me the updated Audit Report and Financial Statement Format to comply with Reporting on Demonetization for the year ended 31/03/2017

  • Please tell me about ICDS and it's effective date to Report in Tax Audit Report Form 3CD

  • Please explain the difference between merger and amalgamation with the help of an illustration.

  • Please explain the concept of De Minimis exemption and exemption to 'group' under section 5 of the Competition Act, 2002.

  • Could somebody tell me the exact checklist and procedure for Copyright Registration in India for the website content.

  • Filed INC -1 came for Re-submission u/s 4(3)(a) as word creates impression that the company is in any way connected with, or having the patronage of the Government. But there are no such specific word in section. Now how to apply for the Name Availability.

  • How to circulate the corrigendum on AGM notice and what are the parties to whom it shall be sent? In how many newspapers shall it be published? Is there any time limit to it?

  • Please tell me whether Invoice number is required to be filled in GSTR-1 in case of B2C transaction in the same way it is required to be filled in case of B2B transaction ?

  • what is the scope.of cs in present scenario bcz many companies doesn't intrested in appoint cs and we are jobless manh timess

  • Please tell me whether Invoice number is required to be filled in GSTR-1 in case of B2C transaction in the same way it is required to be filled in case of B2B transaction?

  • What is the concept of CARO? Please explain its applicability.

  • Please tell me the number of classes under which I can apply for skill training program.


  • What is the retire by rotation concept in case of an unlisted public company?

  • Where the Shell Companies are defined ?

  • Could somebody tell me the complete procedure to obtain ISBN for publishing of books to sell further ?

  • What is the Difference between Depreciation Computed under Schedule II of Companies Act 2013 and Income Tax Act 1961; and what are things need to remember during computing Depreciation of Companies for the purpose of both Acts???

  • all resolution for appointment of managing director in private limited company. who has attained age of 70 year.

  • What is the complete procedure to register as TM Agent for a Practicing Company Secretary, checklist if anybody have, time duration and costing part.

  • Queries are as follows; 1. A client want to carry on the Business of Commodity Trading, so do he required to take prior consent of SEBI? 2. He don't want to get into legalities and compliance's prescribed by SEBI, then is there any alternative option available to him? 3. If he want to take franchise of Security trading, then is there any issues? Kindly advise!! Thank You-Team Compliance Calander & Gaurav Sir!! Regards; CS. Anand Jain.

  • What are the due date for filing GSTR-1&2 for July?

  • How to get grugs licence for manufacturing unit in Delhi also specify required documents?

  • If someone knows then please tell me the procedure and requirements for getting PASARA License in Delhi.

  • how to get rbi approval while using the word forex in company Name in incorporation of the company and specify documents also.

  • Can any one please clarify NIDHI Company Compliance which need to be done , if company not doing any business since 2 years (Incorporation)

  • I want to know the procedure of Trust Registration in Delhi. Please help me out with the procedure and checklist of documents.

  • Hey, Please tell me the procedure of GST Practitioner.

  • Could somebody tell me exactly as to what changes have occurred in revised SS as brought about by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India?

  • Please Tell me in Detail What is the Process of GST Registeration

  • Dear Professionals, Could somebody guide me how to become an Expert in Company Law and its various implementation?

  • Please let me know how to submit articles on Compliance Calendar Blogs?

  • Please let me know the procedure of Trademark renewal in detail.

  • DEAR EXPERT, LLP FORMATION BY CMA/CS/CA WITH AN INDIVIDUAL TAX PRACTITIONER I am Tax and Labour Law Compliance Practitioner, I would like to form a LLP with a CMA/CS/CA, Can it is possible. Kindly advise me with the provision of LLP Act, 2008 and also with the provision of these professional ACT.

  • LLP has adopted schedule 1 of the llp act and no agreement is executed . While filing form 3 what should be the attachment as agreement is not executed. Please guide

  • I want to export electrical goods to USA. For this, I wish to get IEC Code for my Firm. Kindly help me out with the procedure and checklist of documents.


  • can a private company take loan (without interest) from a partnership from where the director is also a partner in the firm?

  • I want to get GST Registration for my Company Based at ChandiGarh, Please tell me the procedure.

  • What are the legal formalities to incorporate an NGO in India?

  • I want to get PAN Card, please help me with the procedure.

  • Please help me out how to register my DSC as a Director on MCA?

  • Please let us know the procedure

  • kindly elaborate

  • Please help me out

  • What are the ways to make money online?

  • Hi CCNews, Please let me know the procedure of writing articles on

  • Hi Folks, What do you think shall be the impact of Demonitization in India?

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