Corporate Litigation

Corporate Litigation

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Corporate Litigation is the practice of taking a case to any court to resolve a dispute or charge someone with a crime. More often than not, every business owner makes sure that their business remains compliant and they do not have to go for court proceedings. However, some circumstances take ugly shape and the company and its management are summoned by the court to be present there or on the flip side, we move to the court for our rights.

At CCL, our experienced litigation lawyers work in consultation with clients and represent their case and best interests to the court to get the clients a favourable outcome. They also deal with the opposing litigation lawyer, attempting to resolve the dispute and come to an agreement between both parties in favour of their client.

“Our Corporate Litigators are not just Lawyers but also Chartered Accountant or/and Company Secretary, they understand the litigation more precisely and are able to handle every legal problem a corporate may face over the course of its life.”

Occurrence of Corporate Litigation

Nobody wants to see the face of a person wearing a colour of Black (Lawyer) and White (Doctor) coat in their lifespan. But unfortunately, in running a successful business in today’s corporate world requires advance planning to manage litigation risk and to avoid becoming a target of Government Investigations.

At this point/juncture, you will appreciate having a Corporate Lawyer who can understand your business principles to perform and developing a business relationship that can possibly solve many problems before they arise and also cause risk avoidance and mitigation at the same time.

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  • Litigation related to mismanagement of business & funds by directors
  • A suit filed by someone on the company name in the court of law
  • Settling labour disputes with employees and office workforces
  • Tort WHERE a customer suffers injury from your products or services
  • Under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 in a special court
  • Under the FEMA regulations on the breach of high value transactions
  • Ensuring compliance in taxation matters in GST and Income tax
  • Breach of contract issues, whether defending or prosecuting
  • Defending companies against wrongful claims and recovery
  • Compliance with accounting and corporate governance regulations
  • Spin-offs, demergers, discontinuation, and dissolution of companies
  • Litigation in the corporate tax compliance on the company
  • Under RERA regulations in real estate issues/disputes
  • Disputes concerning banking and securities legislation
  • Claims by investors in the legal course of action in court
  • Joint venture disputes and Public Private Partnerships
  • Liability of Group Companies for one or more subsidiaries

Drilling the Status Quo of Lengthy Corporate Litigation

Since, the Companies Act, 2013 has taken over, the government has already unveiled a number of measures and mechanism to ensure that the time taken to resolve disputes comes down and it improves the India’s Ease of Doing Business.

To enhance its reputation from being a country where litigation drags on for years. The government has come up with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and notified the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT). This way, the Government has aimed at ensuring faster disposal of cases. If you have any cases in NCLT or NCLAT, let our team of experts help you out and take all the worries off your shoulder. Talk to CCL Compliance Manager today.

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Corporate Litigation: A new normal like COVID-19

Like the Covid-19 has impacted the life by and large and has been becoming a new normal. Same is the case with corporate litigation these days. In corona, the immunity and resilience do wonders and save us. Same way, how a business handles and survives corporate litigation depends entirely on the acumen of the corporate lawyer.

In some litigation cases, the trial lawyers strategize on how to best represent the case within the courts to find a favourable outcome. However, in many other cases, corporate litigation lawyers have to use a mix of court procedures with alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, and settlement to create positive outcomes for clients.

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CCL Approach to Corporate Litigation

Since our inception in 2016, we have adopted an approach that demands the highest levels of understanding in each of our corporate litigation practice. CCL has been providing reliable, timely and cost-effective litigation services in partnership with top law firms of India across a range of industry, groups and sectors. Our continuous relationship with our clients has ensured that our services extend to keeping ourselves as well as clientele abreast with the latest legal findings and amendments on issues that could influence the viability our client’s business and their status quo of business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Corporate litigation is a specific area of corporate law aimed at preventing and resolving disputes involving companies and businesses encompassing one business suing another in the court of law including but not limited to any type of legal proceeding having anything to do with a business and can also include various steps taken to avoid litigation, actually litigating and managing business disputes as and when they happen to be.
The CCL firm’s Corporate Litigation team combines specialist knowledge of corporate law including the Companies Act and IBC with expertise in the fields of litigation and dispute resolution. We compile tailor-made solutions and strategic advice adapted to our client’s needs based on our excellent knowledge of their business. Our approach is proactive and practical, and our work is efficient, focused, and cost-effective.
We provide the corporate litigation services at all levels of businesses no matter you a Start-up or and established business house. Our lawyers are working with the clients in their court proceedings and fetching good and favourable outcome and it has become possible only due to our rich experience in working with the top law firms in India.
Yes! We do provide arbitration, mediation, and other dispute resolution. We represent clients before all courts, administrative and regulatory bodies; wherever necessary; and also help them together with our associate firms before courts in the corporate litigation matters. If you happened to execute any agreement where there is arbitration clause, send an email to us here or call at +91-9988424211.
A corporate lawyer should have expertise in working with the real-world legal problems that businesses face. This could range from defending the company to commercial lease/agreement issues, non-competes, intellectual property issues, employment disputes, torts issues, reply to legal notice, breaches of contract etc.
We have qualified lawyers on our role and also partnered with the PAN India Lawyers who are exceptionally well in their case representation and hearing. We also ensure that they remain committed till the final favourable outcome as and when the case gets disposed of. We are a professionally managed firm, we only engage highly experienced, dedicated, and motivated professionals.
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