Drafting & Vetting Services

Drafting & Vetting Services

“If you fail to incorporate essential clauses in an agreement/contract,
then that business should be quite ready to face litigation for sure.”

Importance of Drafting & Vetting in your business

If you are running a business now, you must have had the understanding so far that Contracts, Agreements, Deeds, MOUs, Letters, Resolutions, Terms & Conditions, Product Description, Terms of Usages, and various types of other Legal Documents are day-to-day essentials in the general parlance of conducting any business. A little ambiguity and ignorance can cause your business heavy losses as every business enters into some kinds of contract or agreement at one point of time or the other. If your business grows at certain level, it requires various commercial contracts/agreements for association and dealings with its own vendors, creditors, clients, and even employees.

At CCL, we provide you the drafting and vetting services online as well as offline as you are comfortable to your level of understanding from experienced professionals who understand the needs of a business and draft for you. Also, before sending it across, our vetting team goes through it completely to mitigate any chances of wrong impression at a later stage.

Free Resources/Templates on Google

Google is friend of all that helps everyone without any biasedness. People, more often than not, first use the Google Search Engine to see if free templates area available online, and most of the time they find some, relevant to their needs which is great. We all have been doing it right?

Did you ever give it a thought how about getting it checked or vetted from someone who has legal knowledge and can suggest changes/modification?

It will be a stupidity to say that: I know it all. Know that whenever situations take turns which can be good, bad, or ugly, we all including courts happen to refer these legal documents first. How it would be if you could get these important documents checked/vetted. Here is when the CCL comes to be your friend and help you always.

Send in your draft agreements at info@ccoffice.in and we will do vetting for you online.

Save your Money in Drafting & Vetting

We know that Law Firms charge heavily on the drafting and vetting services even for the smallest of the documents and you happen to be spending a huge amount of time and resources to get prepared legal documents like agreements/contracts to ensure that the such documents after its execution protect the interest of the company and its management. You as a business owner have no choice but often end up spending much more than it is required for drafting and vetting services of legal documents.

Compliance Calendar LLP appreciates the genuine concern of the business owners and worries faced by Startups and Corporates in India. The CCL offers the documents drafting and vetting services that protect the business from falling prey to business losses and litigation. We have a dedicated team and quality assurance division in our firm which focuses on flawless drafting & vetting experience for to its clientele.

Emphasis on Vetting more than Drafting itself

Sometimes, it so happens that your venture has to execute various agreements as part of your business conduction, and it is always not possible to outsource the Drafting assignment to outside of your office. Therefore, you draft it yourself or with the help of someone who is from company resources itself. However, there becomes chances that you missed some important clauses or legal points worth considering. Before entering or signing any legal document, it becomes essential for both parties to read the clauses of the document carefully. It is also required to check whether there is inclusion of obligations and their rights.

At CCL, we do the vetting of all legal document after thorough due diligence of all the clauses being part of the agreements/contracts. Quite often, safeguard is not taken seriously while vetting legal documents. With no clear terms & conditions in the contracts/agreements/deeds/letters/resolutions etc. once document gets executed, legal remedy is possible only if you have got it vetted and corrected.

E-mail us your requirements at info@ccoffice.in or WhatsApp/Call at +91-9988424211

We recognize the problems/issues that comes across if you sit to draft yourself which most of the time, it is not professional and therefore CCL puts in all of our experience, time, and resources during the drafting stage of contracts and agreements for protecting the business interests of the clients.

Assurance in Drafting Legalities & Litigation

Our team at Compliance Calendar LLP ensures that the drafted Contracts/Agreements/Understanding/MOUs like arbitration, jurisdiction, applicable law, commercial terms & conditions, termination clauses, drafting, reviewing, negotiating, leave and license, consultancy agreement, contract, service agreement, MOUs, non-disclosure agreement (NDA), non-compete agreement, franchisee agreement, sponsorship agreements, retainership agreements, employment agreement, sale of assets agreement, retainership agreement, loan agreements, shareholders agreement, joint venture agreement, pledge agreements, mortgage agreements, trust deeds, gift deeds, assignment agreements, collaboration agreements, agency agreements, partnership deeds, indemnity bond, affidavits etc. are safe with us in terms of legalities and litigation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The purpose of drafting any agreement or contract is primarily to set out obligations and responsibilities of all parties concerned clearly to mitigate risk and avoid conflicts in the future. A good drafting is the secret of successful business venture. All the good companies have a dedicated force to draft their essential contract they become part of. Talk to us for more information.
We must adhere to clarity in definitions, prepare documentation carefully, nature of transactions should be written clearly, clear obligations of both the parties defined, non-disclosure, IPR safeguard, categorical commercial terms should be easy to interpret and wherever necessary should there be annexures, arbitration clause, jurisdiction in case of dispute ought to be provided.
Legal vetting of agreements or contracts requires a thorough due diligence of all the clauses of the document just to ensure that all safeguards have been considered, specific role of both the parties area well defined, monetary security provided and legal remedy through ADR chiefly arbitration is forming part of one of the many clauses.
The CCL provides various legal consultancy services including drafting, documentation, vetting, execution, and their registration with the concerned authority. The firm is well equipped and has a vide expertise in dealing with the registration and Liaisoning matters across various domains. E-mail us at info@ccoffice.in for proposal.
Precisely Yes, we have a team comprising of Legal Professionals. we have been able to provide the retainership services in the realm of the Drafting & Vetting services. We are trusted by hundreds of Start-ups and SMEs to look after their documentation. Get in touch now.
All the agreements and contracts are a written piece of evidence that helps a litigant file or defend a case in face of a possible disputes. It is also acceptable in the arbitration process and court of law. It does speak more than we can and relied upon heavily by the Arbitrator and Judges both.
Looking for a Quote for our drafting & vetting services. All you need to do is to provide your basic business details below in the application form. Someone from CCL Efficient Team will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours and take care of all the problems you may be facing in law compliance and complexities. Contact us.
Not to worry at all! Someone from our experienced team will resolve all your queries. Our Legal Drafting & Vetting Experts will help you to give you the best advice with the first consultancy at no cost at all. Write to us at info@ccoffice.in or WhatsApp/Call us +91-9988424211.

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