Trademark Renewal

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Trademark Renewal

Let CCL File your trademark renewal application to extend your Trademark rights for the next 10 years. Read our Features & Benefits section to learn why to go for TM Renewal.

Top reasons to file for your TM Renewal

  • TM Renewal gives you extension of trademark rights if you previously got your trademark registered/renewed.
  • The TM Renewal gives your business brand name security and thus generates incomes in the long run.
  • Renewal of trademarks makes impossible for someone to claim rights over it other than the trademark owner.

Any registered trademark under any class/classes has the registration period of 10 years beyond which it expires. The process of renewal of trademark helps the owners to continue using the trademark rights for further 10 years. By filing a TM renewal application on or before 6 months from the date of expiration of the registration, the trademark can be renewed. Trademark Renewal facility helps in keeping your trademark intact as there are no restrictions on how many times and for how many years the trademark owner wishes to keep the trademark status registered.

Documents Required for Trademark Renewal

  • Proof of Applicant with KYC
  • TM Registration Certificate
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Other supporting documents

Features & Benefits of Trademark Renewal

Protection from others using your brand name/logo: Trademark Renewal helps protect your mark against other parties using it. This also saves you as a trademark owner to skip lengthy litigation. Renewal of trademarks gives you exclusive right to market your good/services and makes it impossible for others to claim rights over it.

10 Years Extension of Ownership Rights: With trademark renewal facility given by the Trademark Act, 1999, one can avail protection from infringement of rights over the brand name for next 10 years and continue having the exclusive rights over the trademark after each renewal providing the trademark owner ownership rights of your brand and goodwill.

Brand/Mark/Logo/Name Security: It is possible that if you do not file for your renewal of trademark, others can copy your brand. To file infringement case, you must have the trademark registration active and registered. It also delivers continuous and legitimate protection of the brand/mark/logo/name security. If you fail to go for renewal of trademark, you lose the legal protection for your mark.

Franchise/License/Monetary Returns: A trademark owner has the exclusive rights to assign or license the mark to someone else in return of some monetary compensation. Businesses also give franchise of their products/services and earn handsome payment in this segment. Same also works in licensing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The registration of a trademark is valid only for a period of 10 years. After which, it can be renewed from time to time for N number of times without any restriction. Trademark renewal protects all those rights which are only available to a registered mark. Contact us help you in the renewal process.

An application for renewal of trademark has to be filed not earlier than 1 year (it is good to file before 6 months) before the expiry of 10 years from the date of trademark application. The application of Trademark Renewal after the expiry of a period of 10 years can be made only by payment of additional fees.

The consequences of not renewing the trademark are many. Read our Features and Benefits tab to learn more about this. In case, no application for renewal is filed, the Registrar removes the mark from the register of trademark.

There are some cases where renewal period gets lapsed and no application is filed prior to the expiration. In such cases, the then trademark owner can apply for restoration of the trademark. Such application for restoration of trademark can be made from 6 months to 1 year after the date of expiration of such registration.

Not to worry at all! Someone from our experienced IPR Team will resolve all your queries on TM Renewal. Our TM Experts will help you to give you the best advice without any consultancy fees. Write to us at or/and WhatsApp/Call us +91-9988424211.