NGO Hand Holding

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NGO Hand Holding

Non-Governmental Organisations work for social and charitable purposes resulting in benefit of societies and social welfare. There are various privileges available to NGO’s after obtaining certain registrations, the same are listed below:

80G & 12A Registration:

There are varied exemptions and privileges available to NGO’s with respect to Tax Exemptions, In order to claim these exemptions, an NGO must register themselves under Section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961

12A: NGO acquiring such a certificate is exempted to pay income tax on its surplus income.

80G: This certificate allows donors, that is persons or organizations making donations to an 80G certified NGO, to avail deduction.

All the existing NGO’s having registration under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax, Act 1961 needed to reapply for the registration under Section 12AB;

All the new NGO’s seeking registration under Section 12A and 80G of Income Tax, Act 1961 needs to apply for registration under Section 12AB

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FCRA Registration:

Charitable Trusts / Section 8 Company / Societies seeking Foreign Contributions for definite cultural, educational, economic, religious or social program for the benefit of the society may obtain FCRA Registration or receive foreign contribution through “prior permission” route. Such NGO shall neither receive nor utilize any Foreign Contribution unless it has obtained either Registration or Prior Permission from the Central Government.

FCRA Registration:

- Eligibility Criteria for FCRA Registration: Entity must be:

FCRA Registration

Prior Permission:

- Eligibility Criteria for Prior Permission: Entity must be:

Prior Permission

Indian recipient organizations shall satisfy the following conditions:

Indian Recipient Organizations

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Every eligible entity who intends to undertake any CSR activity, shall register itself with the Central Government by filing the Form CSR-1 electronically with the Registrar of Companies.

Documents required for NGO Hand Holding

80G & 12A Registration

Self-Certified Copy of following documents:

  • Certificate of Registration of the Entity;
  • Incorporation Documents of the Entity i.e Trust Deed/ Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association/ Bye-Laws/ Rules and Regulations;
  • PAN Card of the Entity;
  • In case property is Rented- NOC from Landlord; In case of owned property – Utility Bill;
  • FCRA Registration (if any);
  • Existing order under Section 12A/ 12AA/ 12AB as the case may be;
  • Order of Rejection of application under section 12A/12AA/12AB as the case may be;
  • In case of existing entities: Annual Accounts of immediately preceding three years or since their inception;
  • In case income of entity includes profits and gains of business u/s 11(4A)- Annual Accounts and Audit Report of immediately preceding three years or since their inception;
  • Documents evidencing adoption or modification of the objects;
  • Detailed list of activities undertaken by the entity;
  • Details of Registration under Darpan Portal
  • Any other document as may be asked by department.

Additional Documents:

  • Pan Card and Aadhar Card (Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport in case of no PAN/Aadhar) of all settlors/authors/trustees; Members of Governing Council/ Members of Society; Shareholders holding not less than five percent shares.

FCRA Registration:

  • Certified Copy of Registration Certificate or Trust Deed or other registration document as the case may be;
  • Details of activities during last three years;
  • Audited Statement of Accounts for the last three Financial years (Assets and Liabilities, Receipt and Payment; Income and Expenditure);
  • Affidavit executed by each office bearer and key functionary and member;
  • Details of Registration under Darpan Portal
  • 12AB Registration Certificate

For Obtaining Prior Permission:

  • Certified Copy of Registration Certificate or Trust Deed or other registration document as the case may be;
  • Commitment letter from foreign donor specifying the amount of foreign contribution;
  • Copy of the project report for which foreign contribution is solicited/being offered;
  • Affidavit executed by each office bearer and key functionary and member;
  • Details of Registration under Darpan Portal
  • 12AB Registration Certificate


  • Copy of Registration Certificate of the Entity;
  • PAN of the Entity;
  • DIN/ PAN of Trustee/ Secretary/ Director of the Entity;
  • Digital Signature Certificate
    • In case of Section 8 Company: Director;
    • In case of Registered Public Trust: Trustee/ CEO;
    • In case of Registered Society: CEO/ Chairperson/ Secretary;

Features & Benefit Of NGO Hand Holding

  • Promotes Welfare of the Society by providing necessary Financial Assistance and other support;
  • Separate Legal Identity;
  • Tax Deductions to Donors under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961;
  • If such entity is registered under Section 12A of Income Tax Act, 1961 then its profits shall be entirely exempted and no tax will be levied on such entity;
  • Such Entities are also eligible for receiving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds and carry out CSR activities;
  • Have Access to Government Funding;
  • Limited Liability;
  • Better Credibility and Recognition;
  • National and International Collaborations;
  • Eligible for receiving Foreign Contributions if registered under FCRA. etc;
  • Eligible for receiving Government Grants and Government Aid


Non- Governmental Organizations works for the upliftment and betterment of the Society. It is eligible for receiving Government Funding, Private Funding, Tax Exemptions, CSR Funding as well as Foreign Contributions for promotion of its objectives. Team Compliance Calendar LLP consists of well experienced professional who can help you in getting various Registrations, Compliance for Government Grants as well as ensures that the NGO’s comply with all the statutory Compliances. Our team not only helps in the formation and registration of NGO but also to run, manage and achieve targeted goals by providing services such as Project Implementation, Fund Raising, Complying with Statutory requirements, Work Recognition, etc. For any support, you are welcome to reach out to us at or connect at 9988424211.

Frequently Asked Questions

The validity period for both FCRA Registration and Prior Permission is Five Years from the date of approval and application for Renewal of such Registration is to be made at least 6 months prior to expiry of registration.

Newly established entities applying for the registration for first time are given provisional registration, the validity of such type of registration is three years and application for Final registration has to made six months prior to completion of three years provisional registration.

  • The ‘person’ / ‘entity’ making application for FCRA registration/ grant of Prior Permission shall not be:

  • FCRA registration/ grant of Prior Permission

  • The acceptance of foreign contribution by such person/entity shall not prejudicially affect:

  • The acceptance of foreign contribution shall not lead to:
    • incitement of offence;
    • endanger physical safety/ life of person.

Yes, where at any time Application Form is:

  • Found to be incomplete;
  • Was filled by providing false or inaccurate information;

The Commissioner / Principal Commissioner has full authority to cancel the registration, however an opportunity of being heard is given to the applicant before cancellation of registration;

In such case, where the Registration is cancelled, it shall be deemed that URN is never issued/ granted to such entity.