Overseas Ventures


Overseas Ventures refer to the entry of a Global Business into other countries’ Marketplace (India as in our context). These companies play a significant role in the development of the Economy including the Startup Ecosystem as many of the startups are backed by these Overseas Ventures (VC Firms). From the Indian perspective, you can enter the 1.3B people market. Not only this, you get to bring with you the necessary infrastructure including technology to innovate the products/processes viable to the Indian Demography. While a foreign venture or company may do it alone when entering a global market; many often; tend to form joint ventures or collaboration with other domestic companies including companies in their foreign market. This process brings overseas direct investment to India. It has been often seen that rather than incorporating a new company, they operate in India through different modes like Registering a Liaison Office/ Branch Office/ Project Office depending on their requirements. However, those who wish to be here for a longer period and want to enjoy the benefits out here available to a domestic company, prefer Foreign Subsidiary incorporation.


Compliance Calendar is a Leading Compliance Tech Platform assisting businesses to stay compliant. We provide India Entry Services to Businesses outside India to land in the Indian Market of 1.3 billion people. Here, we help overseas clients with services like Foreign Subsidiary Company Registration, GST Registration, Trademark Registration, FEMA (FDI) Compliance, ISO Certification, Accounting, Legal, Tax, ROC Compliance and Other Business Advisory Services. We are the fastest growing technology-driven compliance platform offering cloud-based services across India for Entrepreneurs and SMEs to start, grow, protect and exit their business while at the same time remaining compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations of the business legal framework. Overseas Ventures who wish to have business in India often find it overwhelming to cope with the Indian complex law, system and processes. At Compliance Calendar, we help them focus on their businesses while we look after compliance for them.


As the global market is emerging like never before, Overseas Ventures provides the space to generate innovations and offer new goods and services to the global market. With their international marketplace, they also provide the capability to exploit these technological advances at a global level. They depict the capacity of international managerial coordination to operate efficiently across international space. In the 21st Century, businesses are not limited to a city, state and country. We have the flexibility to operate in the global market and thus Global Players have the niche to explore the opportunities out there. Make in India and Made for Global has been the new trendsetter.


The rise in the spread of global footprints in the business has made it easier for any company to operate globally. Now, companies do not want to limit themselves to their native country but wish to explore the global market potential which can accelerate their business growth. Under CCL Partnership Program, Compliance Calendar LLP has been partnering with Overseas Ventures that wish to come to the Indian market but are quite apprehensive about the laws, demography, market conditions, compliance and other fearful factors prevalent. You are welcome to make us your partner in Growth and take benefit of the synergy we can have together. Not only in the legal aspect, but we can also help you research and analyse the Indian market from the ground level and give you complete handholding in terms of the support you require to get established here. You can also serve our existing clients your offerings if that is viable and we can do the same for you on mutually agreed terms.


CCL Partnership Program for Overseas Ventures has been conceptualised to offer a win-win situation for both of us. One of the main reasons to partner with Overseas Ventures Companies is that Compliance Calendar LLP wants to help overseas companies have footprints on a large scale out here. Together, we can help to accelerate the growth of Indian Startups right from the Ideation Stage by providing on-time consultation and advisory services. With this Partnership, your ventures would get an opportunity to work with the Indian Companies. You can offer your products and services to our clients and promote yourself. Similarly, if you have someone who needs legal advice and has nobody who could guide them; at Compliance Calendar; we can help them with the Business Registration, RBI Compliance, Accounts, Legal, Tax and Compliance. This will help your venture increase visibility and overall success through CCL Partnerships. We can also offer you some Discounts to you, both on the registration and compliance. In the same way through this strategic partnership, you can offer our clientele some jaw-dropping discounts. If you are interested to take this forward or have any queries, you can reach out to us at partnership@ccoffice.in and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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