Software Companies


Software Companies are the organisations whose primary products or services are various forms of software and its technology, distribution, and software product development. They make up the software industry which caters to select group of their users. A software development company (or team, depending on the agency), designs and develops custom software applications, frameworks, and tools that help solve problems or achieve a specific outcome. Some of the examples would be like Custom Software Development for CRM, Task Management, Invoicing, Emailing Solution Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Systems Integration for various roles and requirements and other evolving softwares.


Compliance Calendar is a Leading Compliance Tech Platform assisting Startups and SMEs stay compliant in their businesses. We provide services to Entrepreneurs ranging from the Company Registration, Trademark Registration, MSME (Udyam) Registration, Startup India Registration, GST Registration, ISO Certification, Accounting, Legal, Tax, ROC Compliance and Business Advisory Services. We are the fastest growing technology-driven compliance platform offering cloud-based services across India for Entrepreneurs and SMEs to start, grow, protect and exit their business while at the same time remain compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations of the business legal framework. Startups who get Angel Funding often do not have enough information in terms of compliance for Company Law and Income Tax. At Compliance Calendar, we help them focus on their businesses while we look after compliance for them.


Startup Software Companies help entrepreneurs to develop their business, especially in the initial stages when the Founders have limited or no resources at all. The Software Companies provides a place to work on the startup idea and create a niche product or service that can ease lives. Such Software Companies also provide all kinds of support, be it Mentoring, Technological Facilities, Initial Growth Funds, Networking and Linkages, Co-working Spaces and Advisory Support. When Startup India Initiative came into India, they gave Software Companies special status as they played key role in supporting startup founders. Software Companies play a crucial role in nurturing entrepreneurs and help them develop ideas and provide with the sources of funds, human power and other market potential. Companies like Zoho, Amazon, Google, Salesforce, ClickUp, GoDaddy, Slack, Zapier, Hostgator, Khatabook, Quick Books and many others are solving startups problems.


The rise in demand of Software Companies have been all time rise especially in colleges where students get to see alternative career where they can work for themselves and not to look out for jobs after they complete their studies. Now, instead of focusing on 100% Placement with MNC Companies, the colleges are focusing the same energy in moulding the career of their loving students as Entrepreneurs and mentor them right from the initial stages by providing them everything they would need to be successful founders. Software Companies act as Guardians whose only life mission is to support Startups. Under CCL Partnership Program, Compliance Calendar LLP has been partnering with Software Companies wad wish to offer Startups effective software for handling their businesses better.


CCL Partnership Program for Software Companies has been conceptualised to offer win-win situation to both Software Companies as well as their Members/Students. One of the main reasons to partner with Software Companies is that Compliance Calendar LLP wants to accelerate growth of Indian Startups right from the Ideation Stage by providing on-time consultation and advisory services. By this Partnership, your Software Companies will have access to Startup Mentors and Business Legal Advisor free of cost which would prove boon to your members/ students as they normally have nobody who could guide them on the Company Registration, Accounts, Legal, Tax and Compliance. This will help your Software Companies increase the visibility and overall success through CCL Partnerships. We commit to offer some Discount to you, both in the registration and compliance. Same way through this strategic partnership, you can offer our clientele some jaw dropping discounts. If you have any queries, you can reach out to us at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Our Partners


As a Zoho Finance Authorized Partner, Compliance Calendar is your trusted ally in navigating financial compliance effortlessly. Offering expert guidance and support, they ensure your business stays on top of Cloud Accounting with GST Compliance. Simplify your financial management and stay compliant with the help of Compliance Calendar, powered by Zoho Finance.


Lexbuddy is a compliance solution platform which provides a comprehensive range of solutions that allows the identification and understanding of applicable laws, rules, registration and approvals with an assessment of the regulatory impact due to continuous and regular changes in the company's internal and external environment.


At Zimyo, our mission is to empower organizations with solutions that can help them create the right human experience to manage and retain great talent! A unified HCM platform that makes HR agile, improves HR efficiency and ROI and creates a delightful human experience. Experience the power of cloud tools for your HRMS, Payroll, Performance, Recruitment etc.


Topmate empowers experts by giving them tools to allow anyone in the world to interact with them for their wisdom and guidance in a more personalized and meaningful way through 1:1 interaction. Experts can monetize these interactions, deriving value from their knowledge-sharing and time investment. Experience the power of your knowledge yielding money for you.


We at DevRelSquad firmly believe that if DevRel succeeds, everyone wins – developers, companies, and the broader tech ecosystem. We aim to help SaaS and PaaS companies tap the Indian developer ecosystem through our customised devrel services and products and thrive devrel jobs in India.